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we accept poetry, prose, essays, maps, patterns, recipes, reviews, warnings, parables, sketches, equations, menus, instructions, photographs, pictures, maxims, manifestos, distress calls, furniture, riddles, rhymes, rap, lists, lyrics, code, jokes, ingredients, music, humming, cartoons, interviews of real people, interviews of fake people, coupons, signals, labels, movies, biographies, tattoos, symbols, utterances, and silence.

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Exciting! Special inte/review issue: We are looking for material for a special issue featuring only interviews &/or reviews. Intereviews. Reinventews. These can be reviews/interviews of/with any person, thing or place, dead or alive, real or unreal: books, moms, words, interviewers, kites, plants, Helsinki, fears, youtubes, goalies, priests (see and add onto list above). They can be as short as a tweet or as big as an armoire. Find a new exciting way to (inter)review. Be creative. Feel free to contact us with a pitch or idea at riotfelice@gmail.com.

we will also publish the fine print on your hand grenade