Kind Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with no tiny joy that as guest guest-editor I find myself applauding this last issue of Riot Felice: Issue #0.  To say that I find myself at all is encouraging because I have been disappeared by the new sexist/racist/rapey regime.  More than disappeared.  I am sad and lost.

But with this letter I hope to inspire you to send Riot Felice your best work to help them unravel the mystery of how we arrived here despite all of our recent achievements and the promising realization of our hopes and to return me once again to your loving bosoms.  We may not be able to solve the mystery of our arrival but we may find, in the unraveling of the different layers of the mystery, something beautiful and possibly even useful.

Perhaps the realization of our hopes was too young.  When we are young we mistake our vitality for strength and sometimes cannot see how weak we are and how easily we can be taken advantage of by those miserable creatures that do nothing but seek their own advantage.  But over time all of our realizations and achievements will age (they can only do so over time) and our ability to defend them will become strong.

So unlike those who want followers by the thousands and millions (all of those zeroes who stand behind them), Riot Felice wants the opposite.   Please don’t send them a followy piece of work.  Send them something good(er).

Love Always,

Felice (whereabouts unknown)

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