Les Pantalons – the double and coke ep & Interview


An interview with Les Pantalons

After listening to Les Pantalons’ “the double and coke ep” we decided we wanted to ask them some questions. After a series of mishaps and almosts and misplaced rain checks we finally managed to get most of them (and us) all together in Rita’s Kite Shop in the small town of X for a brief conversation. Rita is a large woman who loves her kites.

RF: Ok. Hi. Who is Les Pantalons and where are you guys from?

IM: four guys from Belfast who like to musique

RF: How would you describe your sound?

VZ: Pretty dirty yet somewhat melodic. I think there’s a mix of genres really – a bit of everything really. We haven’t written a rap song yet, but I do believe we will get one going in the nearest future. Very much so.

IM: The sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs

SE: A lonely taxidermist’s lunch break music.

Rita: My brother Raymond used to drive a taxi…

RF: We really like your new EP “the double and coke EP”. Double of what?

VZ: Iain should be able to answer this one. He is the man behind the title ; )

IM: black bush

SE: Balvenie. Hold the coke.

Rita: But he had to give that  up. What with those new fancy Nietzsche rides. Couldn’t make ends meet…

RF: Your sound sounds like it would sound really good live. Do you play live?

IM: We put on our own gig last month with Dani and hunkpapa and hope to put on another one this month. We’re keen to get gigging more and hopefully get playing some local festivals in the summer!

VZ: Thanks. Well, so far we have played only one gig. We would love to play more, but turns out it is not that easy to play live gigs when you’re a brand new band in the town. The first gig that we have played was actually organized by Iain and I must say that it did go down well. We were the main act of the night and we played for about an hour with support from Dani and Hunkpapa (big thanks to these guys). So yeah, a great night to remember really. I think our next step would be something similar – getting our own gig arranged once again. So fingers crossed.

Rita: Why you all looking at me?

RF: What obscure musician or band should we know about that we don’t know about?

VZ: I guess everyone knows of Michael Shannon (actor), but not many know of his band Corporal. I highly recommend their one and only record: corporal.bandcamp.com/releases

IM: The fast emperors. Rip.

SE: Jackson C Frank

RF: What is the last thing you read?

IM: Willie John mcbrides autobiography

VZ: Haruki Murakami – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

SE: The Art of War – Sun Tzu

Rita: The Baltimore Years – J Tyler Blue.

RF: If Les Pantalons could make the soundtrack for any already existing movie which one would be most fitting?

IM: We’d love to get on peaky blinders. That’s the dream!

VZ: Brother (Brat) 1997 film directed by Aleksei Balabanov. Russian film. As Kristina puts it– you should have called the band “from Russia with love”. The original soundtrack to this picture is very similar in sound to what we do, at least to what we did on our last ep.

SE: I’m not sure how fitting it would be but I’d like see what would happen if we had a song in The Birds.

Rita: He could sing too. Poor Ray… what was the name of that movie, with that guy, and the ocean…

RF: Why Pants?

VZ: Why not? An important thing to have. But truly – for no specific reason. We thought it sounded good. I still do. But I know there are people that think otherwise and I respect that too.

SE: Good question

IM: Why the fuck not

Rita: Anyway, he loved that one.

RF: What is the absolute best song to riot to?

VZ: modest mouse – this plane is definitely crashing

SE: Hell Broke Luce – Tom Waits.

IM: Rage against the machine – killing in the name of

Rita: Not in my kite shop.

RF: If you could resurrect any dead musician and hang out and jam with them which one would you resurrect?

VZ: Elliott Smith. Wanted to say Lou Reed first, but he would probably be really pissed off to start with. So Elliott it is.

SE: For a drink and a jam? 100% John Martyn.

JB: Phil Lynott

IM: I know his not dead yet but I’d love to go on the lash with Keith Richards

Rita: Ray.

RF: What are your plans for Les Pantalons, if any?

VZ: I would love for us to gig more. That’s the main thing at least for me now. I need.

IM: Now that we’re getting the ball rolling it’d be a great time to go on hiatus

RF: What do you think happened to Felice?

IM: She ate too many burgers

VZ: Reincarnation

Rita: What do you mean? I just faceti

end of recording 


Les Pantalons is from Belfast. Stay in touch/sound with them on soundcloud and f-book.

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