Jess Mize – 3 Poems


this morning i was
planting some
belladonnas outside

while i was
digging in
the earth

all the horrors
he used to
say to me

only to remind
me that
beneath every
beautiful thing
lies pain.


Octavia’s Lyre

Fine Egyptian papyrus. Lyrics and music composed by Nero. All that has been written and read is a myth. Why else does the legend still propagate its fancy, not pretentious of who may be the listener? If light requires energy why not irresolute Christians as the most suitable fuel? I for one am in love with death, and the glamour thereof. Posterity may pass us off as prescient scientists. Of course if one believes in only one thing all else will linger in oblivion. Patiently waiting. No hurry; no violence. It is as simple as a new beat of the drums, or drawing of the bow; with this thought the unheard of symphony begins. The ego is the most proficient natural drug, remind yourself, remind yourself that you exist and that you have learned a language. Oh ecstacy, oh love that the poet’s rhyme about.  The star wept rose-coloured in the heart of your ears. What does that mean? One is at a loss to know but it sounds symphonic. Man bled black. Consequences of melancholia; disfigurement of white blood cells. Whoever will read these lines once scribbled on a scrap of page before dawn and as the night is tamed by the grey witch that withers? Somewhere, anywhere out of this world.



my life is a play with
bad reviews.
no one came to the show.
all the chairs were empty.
no standing ovation here.
The end was greeted with silence.
let me burn this theatre down.

Jess Mize is a blonde-haired surfer girl from South Carolin. Her favourite author is Stephen King. Vampire Weekend three albums in stores now.

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