The end

big money.png

a message from the editor

some dayys my fingers grow enorrmously
super ginormouuss!! my everythingg grows!!
With imposssible feelingss!
My feelings way too big for the small stupidd keyybord!
So stupid. They let you do computer
If you’re good & take your meds but Gaaahrr!
it works reeelly bad
Not the fingers stupid the feelings! INSIDE!
Way too big!!see? im monster big dummy
Never does work becasue I can’t Hold it IN! i guesss
My Callussses!! My Lovess!! i want do diee foronce
from Too pain much! and always in transitions!
go here and there and not complain!
be big hero!to be strong and like a man-man!
but who ever helps me huh!
i want to smassh but no good.
beccuse I presss all the words! at the same time! like this see?
so Its no good poem in the end

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