Saira Viola – Dirty Sermon


art by eNdO

Dirty Sermon


The night is hoarse with protest

Vomiting bodies:  North South East West

Love whispers reserved for the dead

But dick pics and sugared asses

continue to warm the middle classes

And clown vagina millionaires

spread their dicta in the air

Right or wrong

They throw arsenic lullabies

at the rebel’s song


Red carnage at dawn

And silence seizes the town

A half dead baby in foetal rest

spider violets bruise his chest

The Grim Reaper flew

back to  Washington

he kissed a pigeon in the gutter

and had dinner with Ned –

at the Emergency Food Bank

An American Eagle  clipped her wings

and for five whole days she heard

Gershwin sing.


Saira Viola pop scribe poet fiction ball buster song lyricist and creator of sonic scatterscript when not penning words for her scripted universe can be found under the flutter of a Red Admiral or playing astro tag with Jimi and Ali. On occasion has been found in psychtropic discourse with Rimbaud or helping in soup kitchens and dancing with subway kings.

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